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Established in 1962 in Locarno by Dr. Sergio Salvioni, on August 2017 the Law firm „Studio Legale e Notarile Salvioni e Salvioni“ was taken over by the attorney-at-law Niccolò Salvioni with the new name of „Studio Legale e Notarile Niccolò Salvioni“.
The Law firm offers wide-ranging legal services, suitable for the needs of its private and commercial clients in Switzerland and abroad.


The law firm is in Locarno, Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, on the southern side of the Alps and has borders with Italy. In the Canton of Ticino, the official language is Italian, as in Switzerland, along with German, French and Romansh.

The natural beauties of the Canton of Ticino and of the Locarno region have defined, since the last century, their aim as tourist location and adoptive fatherland for foreign artists, literates and entrepreneurs from different parts of the world since the beginning of the last century .


Locarno is located on the shores of the Lake Maggiore (Lago Maggiore), 23 km from Bellinzona, the political capital of the Canton of Ticino, and 42 km from Lugano, an important Swiss economic and financial capital, and 100 km from Milan.

Locarno is easily accessible by road or rail and is located 100 km from the international airport of Milan Malpensa and 210 km from the one of Zurich-Kloten. It is therefore halfway between the European cultures and languages of the North and of the Mediterranean, so we often act as a “bridge” between them.


The multicultural and multilingual particularity of the Canton of Ticino, and of Switzerland, as well as the private and corporate needs – local, confederate and foreign in the Locarno region -, have directed, through time, the law firm to practice the following activity fields:

  • Inheritance Law/Probate and wills; Matrimonial and Concubinage Law; Filiation Law; Law of Persons; Association and Foundation Law; Tutorial Law; Property Law; Contract Law; Media and communication Law; Purchase Law; Donation Law; Contract Law; Work and Mandate Law; Torts and Insurance Law;Ethics and Professional Liability; Commercial Law; Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law; Restructuring of indebtment; Debt Administration or Winding-up of successions;Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements; Private International Law.
  • Notary services; Legalization and Authentication.
  • General Administrative Law of the Confederation and of the Canton of Ticino; Urban Planning and Building Law; Law of advocacy; Constitutional law; European Convention on Human rights and fundamental freedoms; Data Protection; Taxation;Environmental Law; Expropriation Law; Foreign Law; Asylum Law.
  • Criminal law; White Collar Crime in criminal proceeding before the Federal or Cantonal Authorities; International Criminal Law; International mutual assistance in criminal matters; Fraud asset tracing and recovery; fight against Money Laundering.


Since the 1980s, starting with a case that became a classic of the international mutual cooperation in criminal matters, the law firm has acquired experience in the field of fraud tracing and recovery in Switzerland.


As lawyer’s members of the register of the lawyers in Canton of Ticino we are authorized to represent parties before civil, criminal and administrative judicial authorities of the Cantons and of the Confederation.

The languages spoken in the Law firm are Italian, German, English and French, with basic knowledge in Spanish, Swedish and Russian.

Our objective is to provide legal solutions to complex problems based on professional analysis using also electronic retrieval and representation systems, in strict collaboration with the client.

We constantly invest in the professional adjournment in technology, in the civil, criminal and administrative fields, with special attention to transnational and comparative law.

The law firm has a net of professional contacts in the Canton of Ticino and in the other 26 Swiss cantonal jurisdictions. It is also part of the association of independent law firms Euro-American Lawyers Group (EALG), which gives access to the cooperation with professionals located in more than 30 different state jurisdictions in Europe, America and Asia.

Studio Legale e Notarile
Niccolò Salvioni

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