Avv. Niccolò Salvioni, notaio



Since the 1stof August 2017 avvocato (attorney-at-law) Niccolò Salvioni is owner of his own law firm in Locarno, where he has worked since 1996. Previously, in 1962, the law firm was founded by his father. 

In his professional practice avv. Niccolò Salvioni has had experience with various cases of inheritance law with connections with other Swiss cantons, European countries, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Eastern Europe and Asian countries.

In the context of criminal law, he had experience with Asian, American, African and countries of the former USSR in complex procedures, both cantonal and federal, also aimed to recover the proceeds of crimes with collateral connections with Switzerland.

The vocation of the law firm in Locarno to deal with matters with extra-cantonal and foreign jurisdictional relations has led avv. Niccolò Salvioni to work, in addition to italian, in German, French and English, acquiring Swedish basic skills (language, in addition to German, spoken by his mother) and Russian.

The extra-professional and professional experiences allowed him to entertain contacts, exchanges and collaborations with high quality professionals, not only on the Ticino territory, in nearby Italy and in Europe, but also in legal, political, economic and cultural realities, very different from those in Europe.





Professional title
Avvocato (attorney-at-law – registered in the Lawyers register of the Canton of Ticino) and Notaio (Notary Public – registered at the Notary Order of the Canton of Ticino)


Academic title
Lic. iur. (licensed in law) cum laude, Bern University, Canton of Bern, Switzerland, 1992.




May 27th, 1964 in Locarno, origin of Lugano, Switzerland




Italian (mother tongue), German, English, French, with basic language knowledge in Swedish (A2) and Russian (A2).




Areas of Practice
(about 30% of litigation)




Private Law
Inheritance Law, Probate and wills; Commercial Law; Property Law; Contract Law; Media and communication Law; Purchase Law; Donation Law; Art law; Torts and Insurance Law; Ethics and Professional Liability; Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law; Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgements; Private International Law, Administrations and Windings-up.


Notarial services; Legalizations/Authentications.


Administrative Law
General Administrative Law of the Confederation and of the Canton of Ticino; Law of advocacy; Constitutional Law; European Convention on Human rights and fundamental freedoms; Data Protection; Taxation, Foreign Law.


 Criminal Law
Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime in criminal proceeding before the Swiss Federal and Cantonal Authorities; International Criminal Law; International mutual assistance in criminal matters; Fraud asset tracing and recovery; fight against Money Laundering; Police Law.






High school (scientific) in Bellinzona and Locarno.


University of Bern, Canton of Bern, Switzerland, Lic. iur. (cum laude). Seminar work (translation) “The protection of sanitary data in transborder telecommunication of electronic data between Swiss public administration and Nations belonging to the European community with particular reference to the epidemics law” (1989);


                                        License work on (translation) “The relations between the law on real estate transfer gain tax and the Tax Law of Canton of Ticino with reference to the message of the Federal Council on the Harmonization of the direct taxes of the Canton and Municipalities, with particular reference to the cases of tax accumulation” (1989).


Attorney-at-law Diploma of the Republic and Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, with habilitation to the exercise of the profession, and, since 2002 inscribed in the Register of the lawyers in the Canton of Ticino.


Diploma of Public Notary of the Republic and Canton of Ticino, Switzerland.




Professional experiences


1992 – 1993
Clerk trainee at the District Court of the Jurisdiction of Locarno-Città and at the Public prosecutor office of the Canton of Ticino for the solicitor general Piergiorgio Mordasini.


1993 – 1995
Trainee lawyer at lawyer dr. Carlo Sganzini, Lugano.


1995 – 1996
Trainee lawyer at Law Firm Salvioni e Maccanetti, Locarno.


1996 – 2007
Attorney-at-law at Law Firm Salvioni e Maccanetti, Locarno.


1999 – 2003
Member of the council of the Canton of Ticino Bar association.


2003 – 2005
Deputy President of the Canton of Ticino Bar association.


2005 – 05.08.2007
President of the Canton of Ticino Bar association.


2007 –
Member of the Informatic Commission of the Canton of Ticino Bar Association


2007 – 2017
Attorney-at-the Law Firm “Studio legale e notarile Salvioni e Salvioni”, Locarno.


2011 – 2019
Member of the Board of the Swiss Bar Association (SAV-FSA), Bern.


2014 –
Member of the Board of the “Lombardy and Ticino Notary’s committee”, Milan.


2017.08. –
Owner of the law and notary public firm Studio legale e notarile Niccolò Salvioni, in Locarno.




Political Activity and other:




2008 -2012
Municipal councilor of Locarno.


2012 -2015
Municipal councilor of Locarno.


2013 –
Deputy-president of the Association, Locarno


2015 – 2020.11
Member of the town council of Locarno, responsible for Safety, Civil engineering, Water supply and City of energy.


2018 –
Deputy-president of CISA (associazione Conservatorio Internazionale di Scienze Audiovisive – Association International Conservatory of Audiovisual sciences), Palazzo del Cinema, Locarno.


 2019 –


President of the Locarno Milano Venezia Association, Locarno.




Writing and reports




(translation) “Index of the Repertory of fatherland jurisprudence 1977-1989”, Edizioni Salvioni, Bellinzona (489 pag.).


“International judicial assistance in civil matters, with particular reference to the Canton of Ticino – Short outline of some typical procedure problems”, Locarno (31 pag.).


(translation)”Penal Procedural Code of the Republic and Canton of Ticino, annotated with abstracts of the preparatory works of the lawmaker”, Edizioni Salvioni, (663 pag.).


(translation) “Laws related to the advocacy and to the Canton of Ticino Bar association: draft of a short chronological trace”, Bollettino dell’Ordine degli avvocati del Cantone Ticino (BOA), No. 30., 2005, (pag. 2-10).


(translation) “Who should control the Swiss Solicitor General?”, Anwaltsrevue, 3/2006, Helbling & Lichtenhahn, Basel, (pag. 114 – 122).


(translation) “The Bar Association of Canton Ticino in the Swiss and European context”, “Ex. Art.”, Review of the Bar association of Busto Arsizio (I), pag. 29 – 38.


“The Tariff of 1984 of the Bar Association of the Canton of Ticino, actual and future situation”, BOA No. 32, 2006, pag. 12 – 26.


“Relation of the president for the year 2005 -2007 and on the activities of the Council on 2006 – Abrogation of the tariffs and application of the principles of the market to the profession – Public law corporation, coactivity and discipline – Some institutional reflections”, BOA No. 33, 2007 (pag. 2 – 6).


The executor of the will of Swiss law in the Canton of Ticino – practical examples”, minutes of the 15th information seminar, organized by the Lombardy and Ticino Notary’s committee and held on November 12th, 2010 in Milan, pages 13 – 30.


Liberalization of tariffs – abolition of the registers – corporation and law firms”, presentation held at the seminar organized by the Milan Lawyer’s association on January 27th, 2012 in Milan




Report on “Switzerland: how can Transitional Justice support asset recovery and right to reparation?” at the international conference “Truth, accountability and asset recovery: how Transitional Justice can fight corruption?” organized by the International Center for Transitional Justice, – ICTJ, NY, USA, on March 2-3, 2020, at Hotel Africa in Tunis, Tunisia. Written trace, with three infographs, in and








Canton of Ticino Bar association, Lugano;


Swiss Bar Association, Bern;


International Bar Association, London, UK.


Canton of Ticino Notaries Association, Lugano;


Swiss Notaries Association, Bern;


Union International del Notariado latino, Rome.


Association of the Jurists of Bern, Bern;


Swiss Society of Criminal Law;


Swiss Society of Jurists;


Swiss Forum for Communications Law, Zurich;


Swiss Society of International Law.


Euro-American Lawyers Group (EALG).


Studio Legale e Notarile
Niccolò Salvioni

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